Surely you are also my opinion that you should use all opportunities to improve the quality of life , working conditions and the personal living environment .

So even the Internet.

So I want to introduce myself as a potential employer through this channel and offer you the possibility to view more detailed information about me, my education and my professional life . To this end, I have compiled all the necessary documents to find on the menu item " Resume " (right side) as well as the individually itemized development steps (left side) . This website is the result of the effort in advance to present future employers already a somewhat clearer picture about myself.

However, when essential for a positive working relationship on both sides , I consider a personal interview in order to clarify open questions relating to my person or to your enterprise.

Please contact me for an appointment !

Home: 04146-4409938

Mobile: 01523-2008875

E-Mail: job(AT)mjhdt(DOT)de

Best regards

Markus Haßdenteufel